Daily Log: Day 48

48 2555.8 8/1/2021 clouds, some sun, hot, rain showers. Today was a better day than yesterday. I had only two climbs. One at the start which sweated me up, and one at the end which I arrived at Justin’s Jeep. I crossed the I-15 plain in the middle. I got and guzzled water at lunch. So good. Then when I got to Justin I was able to take a warm shower and get a change of clothes (I also washed my pants). I had chicken and rice and then 2nd lunch to fatten me up. As I said today was so much better. While relaxing at the Jeep we met a SOBO thru-hiker “Sheep Goat” who is from Denmark. Very nice guy. And we gave him a Coke and an Orange soda. He said there are 7-8 hikers behind him. Also a rancher stopped by to mention there was a grizzly bear in the area and it had killed some chickens. Oh my! Justin made spaghetti and loaded my plate. I’m worried that I’m not getting enough calories. Then it started to rain so I climbed into my little tent for the night. Hopefully the rain will stop soon. Tomorrow I have to do 22 miles to a spring with 5 climbs. Adding rain might make it tougher. Another tough day for me. But I’m clean so hopefully that’ll keep my spirits up. All I need to do is 44 miles and 18 miles before a break in Helena. Night night.

Justin heated water for my shower which made all the difference. And a little hiker “beefcake” adds a bit of spice to this blog (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)