Going by Greenbrier State Park

Originally I planned to meet cousin Art at Greenbrier State Park on June 21st. However that would require me to slow down and make it hard/impossible to meet his brother Dave at Delaware Water Gap on July 5th. So instead I sped up to overshoot the park. But now I need to shuttle back to the park on Friday 6/21, take a zero on Saturday 6/22, and shuttle back on Sunday 6/23. However this sets me up to meet Dave on or around 7/5 at DWG.

Over night it rained and in the morning it was foggy. Later I hiked above the fog and took this picture.
This would have been the 0.6W side trail to Greenbrier State Park. I won’t be taking it so I passed it and went on to tonight’s shelter which is 9 miles further north. On Friday 6/21 I’ll reach a trailhead at US 30 (mile 1084) and shuttle back to the park. There cousin Art and his children will be car camping and I plan to take a zero day with them resupplying and relaxing before continuing on.

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