Hundred mile wilderness

Crossing the Kennebec River can be dangerous. There’s a dam that can release water that swells the river to dangerous levels. The ATC pays a man to ferry hikers across from 9 AM to 2 PM. I just got ferried from the far side to where I took the picture. Maine is a much more rugged trail. For example I had to ford two small rivers by wading from one side to the other. Wet feet and pants! Reminds me of the many PCT crossing I did five years ago. Then it was into Caratunk for my resupply to Monson.
Yesterday night I realized that today was Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I had to get to the Monson Post Office today or I’d have to wait until next Tuesday. Egads! So I got up and raced down the trail to town. Luckily I got a hitch near town and made it with only 30 minutes before closing. Whew! Tonight I’m sleeping in a bed in a bunk room with 6 other hikers at Shaw’s Lodging. Tomorrow I enter the Hundred Mile Wilderness. No resupply for 100 miles. The longest section like this. Wish me luck.

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  1. Been really enjoying following your walk Tartan, as we say in NZ “you are one tough cookie”. Very impressive indeed.
    Good luck and happy and safe hiking these last few miles. Regards Papa Kiwi and Bangles

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