Hiking Plan

This is my hiking plan for my AT 2019 Thru-Hike. A long hike is made up of a number of shorter hikes. This is my current hiking plan made up of over thirty-five segments.

It is a spreadsheet. It is based upon information I gathered primarily from the internet and AWOL’s book. It has all my planned stops. It is written for me and my family to make it easier for them to know where I and to send me packages. Right now the addresses are blank, and I plan on adding them later.

I carry a single printed copy with me during the entire hike along with a pen in a gallon ZipLoc bag. The margins of this print-out was typically my spare / scratch note paper. I write my shopping list on the margins before I got to a town. As I passed each town I cross them off. As I complete all the towns on one sheet I rip the sheet off and throw it away.

AT Hike Plan