Monthly Archives: February 2019

Mount Bonnell

It’s Tuesday. I was up at 4:30 AM. Yeah, a little early, but I like to see the sunrise so I typically rise at 5. Yet today is drizzly and cloud covered. Thus no sun.

This is a recovery week when I reduce my distance and weight to give my body a small (25%) reprieve. I’m doing 6 hill repeats with 18 lbs instead of my recent 8 repeats and 24 lbs.

Yesterday night I went to an Austin Backpacker meeting. The program had two AT hikers telling about their thru-hikes. I enjoyed it, but I don’t feel I’m prepared enough. Not physically, but planning-wise. I haven’t written a list of resupply stops. I only have 6 weeks before I start. I had better get my act together soon.

Heading down from the top of Mount Bonnell listening to podcasts with earphones.

This is really going to happen

Well I’ve been practicing since last September. I’m now up to 90 miles per week, 24 lbs in my weighted vest, and 22 mile weekly long hike on Saturday. On WW (was Weight Watchers) I’ve lost a little over 30 lbs which balances out against my weighted vest that simulates my backpack.

Early morning gorgeous sunrise on Parmer Lane almost at the MoPac overpass

Last week I finally made the decision to do this thing. I bought my airline ticket to Atlanta GA for Saturday April 13th, and my REI shuttle to the trailhead on Sunday April 14th. I told my manager and friends at work. So it looks like I’m now really committed to start.

Am I nervous? You betcha!