Major mountains done

I’ve stayed at various hostels during my hike. Some have been so-so and others are like a resort. This one, Hostel of Maine, was wonderful. Shuttled me to and from the trailhead. Got laundry done. Had a shower. Ate lots of food including 2 pints of Ben & Jerry ice cream. And resupplied for the next 4 days
Today’s mountains were the Bigelows. The weather was great. This was taken on South Horn.
More panoramas from one of the Bigelow summits. The Horns are the peaks on the left.
And the last shows the summit sign. The Bigelow Avery in on the right. I didn’t complete Little Bigelow which I’ll do tomorrow. Instead I’m camped between Bigelow Avery and Littke Bigelow at Safford Notch Campsite

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