Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is the home of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). I got my picture taken (#820), and had my information added (date started, name, trailname, home town, and email address) to their 2019 Album of hikers. In their hiker lounge I filled my water bottles, charged my battery, tossed my garbage, bought and drank four cans of Coca-Cola. When my battery was charged I left and went to get some ice cream but it was too early. So I headed out and got back on the trail.

On the bridge leading into Harpers Ferry over the Shenandoah River.
In the ATC Visitor Center was a relief map of the entire trail GA to ME. My next stop is Greenbrier State Park and a meet-up with cousin Art Rodgers. He will be car camping with his children and I’ll be in my tent. This is my next resupply, shower and laundry. I am especially looking forward to the shower and laundry.
Bilbo’s brick at the ATC proving that I was there and I found it. He was absolutely crucial in my current plan to get to Greenbrier SP and overshooting it to allow me to see both Art and his older brother Dave.
This is my hiking buddy Lex’s ATC picture from four days ago. He is 50-100 miles ahead of me and I doubt I’ll be able to catch him unless he takes more zeroes. All the best Lex!
The hiking pole on the left has a tip whereas the one on the right has worn it down. I have more at home. So I’ve asked Kathy to send one. I’ll get it in three weeks when Dave Rodgers meets me in Delaware Water Gap around 7/5.