Pennsylvania Rocks

Although this picture was taken in Maryland this is what Pennsylvania is known for – rocks, jumbled rocks, boulder rocks, slow to traverse rocks, twist an ankle rocks – yee gads!
Now I’m officially in Pennsylvania. Let the real rocks begin!
But a brief intermission to celebrate my 70th birthday with cousin Art and the children. At the Ash #8 campsite at Greenbrier SP awaiting their arrival. Tomorrow is a zero day to resupply and celebrate.

14 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Rocks

  1. Happy, happy birthday Brian. 70 is just a number! You are amazing. Stay safe and we will see you when you get back to Texas. Jim & Janet

  2. Happy birthday, young fellow! You made it to Rt. 30 with almost a day to spare, so I’m confident you won’t have any trouble getting to DWG in 12 to 13 days. PA has some nice highlights, but it is still the “3R” state, ridges, rocks and rattlesnakes, ;>)!

  3. Thank you. So far I’ve experience just preliminaries if the first two (the rocks are a challenge, but found them exciting in a strange OMG way) and hope not to encounter the latter.

  4. oops, looks like I changed my name, lol, when I wished you a Happy Birthday

  5. Not a problem – thank you so much for your well wishes. I’m in PA heading towards the Hudson Valley in a few weeks

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