Over 200 miles

Each day I get up and hike. I thought I’d be able to hike longer distances, but the trail is harder with constant ascents and descents that slow me down. I’m doing about 30 minutes a mile and it takes me 8 hours to cover just 16 miles. Typically I wake at 5:45 AM, pack up my tent and start about 6:30 AM and finish about 3-4 PM depending upon how long I stop for lunch. Then it’s time to set up my tent, send my GPS location, make dinner, etc.

Just after reaching 200 miles I hitched into Gatlinburg TN for food resupply. It took too long so I had to stay in town. Two other hikers and I got a room for the night. Two beds and one slept on the floor. We got up at 7 AM to catch a 15 mile ride at 8:30 back to the trail. It was a late start and then it was hours of hiking to get to the shelter for the night. There were at least 12 in the shelter. Each on our own mat and in our sleeping bags. Very communal living.

Everything is so green

Another “Good morning sun”. Notice how high the trail is.
Down we go and then back up we go. All day long we climb thousands of feet and then descend to catch the next mountain.

3 thoughts on “Over 200 miles

  1. Curious, Tartan, about your process. It does seem frustrating with the time it is taking for hiking up and down, for going into town to resupply, so on.

    Is it worth it to you to make it to a shelter with other people? I’m less enamored of breathing “communal” air and am thinking I’d rather sleep along the side of the trail. That said, there is absolutely no way that I could do what YOU are doing. It is marvelous!

    Glad you are taking care of those toes!

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Iscart, in the Smokies where he was referring out of Gatlinburg, it is required to stay at the shelters.

    Frankly, Tartan, I think you are making excellent time. This is, after all, the AT. Mile for mile, it demands a lot.

  3. Yes, in GSMNP I had to sleep in the shelters, and it’s a great way to meet other hikers

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