Miscellaneous things

My AT thru-hiker tag I carry. My number is 2199. Yup, there at least 2198 other idiots trying to do the same thing
See the white blaze (rectangle) paint on the tree. They mark the trail. When I see one I say “On trail”
What can I say other than I’m smiling and it’s sunny for once
Zazzy cloth gaiters protect my shoes from capturing small stones and twigs
Going over Fontana Dam early in the morning as they release a torrent downstream
Entering the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I have to have a special permit to camp and pass through it
Spring flowers along the trail are pretty

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous things

  1. The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing! and you’re not an idiot, you’re truly an inspiration 🙂

  2. Toes are being watched carefully, that is, each night I wash and bandage and cover. So far the are healing and look good

  3. Toes are beat up but ok. Bandages and adhesive tape are my good old friends

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