Zoom I go

Early morning panoramic view
Good morning sun!
Hi there. Here I am about 60 days into the hike.
A view through a gap in the rocks to the clouds and trees below
An open section without trees that let you see the valley below
I liked how the sun and shade feel on the hills in the distance
Not exactly a free tunnel but more like a green corridor. Everything just grows and grows
My hiking poles at a water stop. I think of them as my hiking canes!
Bilbo, who hiked with me on the PCT, helped me resupply today in Front Royal. It was so nice to see my hiker friend who understands exactly what I’m going through. His familiarity with this section of the AT really helped me plan getting to my cousin Art next week and his brother Dave two weeks later. Thank you so much
Tonight’s Shelter is the most extravagant shelter I’ve been to. It has a porch, chairs, a pavilion, a solar shower, along with the normal privy and nearby spring