Ignore the adhesive tape on the big toe which is to stop the nail from cutting into my sock. The big toe is fine. This morning I caught my foot in a root. Not just any root but one that bent my little toe out. It hurt like heck! Yesterday the nail on my little toe bumped against the inside of my shoe and made it very sore. Then today I jammed it on the root. This was early in the morning. However I had to get my miles done so I hiked 10 more miles this way. By the end every step was painful. Going up was not awful because my foot slid back toward the heel. But going down was bad. Each step I had to use my poles to break my forward momentum as my foot slid forward and applied pressure to that little ol’ pinkie. OUCH! This is the first time on trail that I took medicine (some Advil) to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. Do you think I’ll lose the toe nail? I do and that’ll make number 3.

P.S. The next day I took Advil, a miracle drug, and was able to hike 18 miles with little discomfort. I’m amazed how a person’s body repairs itself. Especially one that is under such stress.

P.P.S. As of 6/18 I stopped taking Advil.

5 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Ouch dad! Take care of yourself. Hope it doesn’t cause you much pain longer than necessary. Pop those pills to keep on top of it.

  2. Been dealing with a broken toe myself, so understand somewhat. I just keep on walking. Do you have new/different boots now?

  3. Ouch!!!!! Not much you can do for broken toes. When you have trail stops are there pedicure peoples. Would definitely invest in that. Or an epsom salt foot soak. Feet love that.

  4. Well today I had 2 Advil and hiked on it. It’s not broken because the pain is reduced and I was able to walk on it. I’m always amazed by the regenerative capability of the human body especially one that is under such stress.

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