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Exhausted after getting back to Manning

Katie hiked in 8.6 miles to meet at the PCT Northern Terminus and then together we hiked out to the trailhead. We were both exhausted after arriving back at the car. We ate dinner at Manning and then drove into Vancouver to our hotel. We plan on taking a few days R&R in the city to help me reintegrate back into modern society.


I am a PCT Thru Hiker

I completed the 2660 mile Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail on September 6, 2014 at 11:54 AM. I was greeted at the Northern Terminus by my sweet daughter, Katie, and showered with gifts and food to celebrate the completion of this epic journey.




P.S. I received a Cherry Tootsie Roll Pop bouquet and left them on the monument as magic for those that arrived later.


To those whose journeyed with me

Here are a smattering of the others that have journeyed with me on the PCT.

Root Beer Float (Terry Sparks), Bilbo (Robert Livezey), Nobody’s Friend (David Howe), Wasabi (Sabine Schroll), Borealis (Micah Quinn), Roy (Roi Sagiv) & Sarah (Sarit Ariel), Colonial, Snail Trainer (Roger Robinson), Ninja Tank (JT Pula), Random, Tent Stake (Meredith Stevenson), Stumbles (Megan Jean), Solitude (Phil Allmendinger), Rock Steady (Brendan Dahl), Southpaw, Cheetah, Joaquin & Use It Up (Terry Miller), Frenchman Paul, Estero (William Stephens) & Acorn (Rayana Adra), Indy & Art Gypsy, Peru (Lisa Peru Karst), Mountain Goat (Katherine “Erin” Willis), In the Weeds & Mars Rover, One Speed (Deirdre Milosch) & Just Paul (Paul Milosch), Mulberry (Martin Van Der Voorn), Pedi (Jonathan Hinderliter), Soapbox (Daniel Beerman), Quinoa (Simon Deleersnyder), Half And Half (Julius Baude), Hog (Tim Hogeboom), DC, (Mark Bir), Emu and Mozzie (Ella Kucharova & Louisa Bartlett), Scorpion (Elijah John Spray), Princess (Inga Valk) & Mr. Sandals, Rice Crispies, Caboose, Lorax (Dan Durston) & T-Fox (Tara Frey-Durston), Tarzan & Ass Waggin’, Rocket Lama (Alejandra Wilson), Free Refill (Bastian FreeRefill Schlagowsky), Shredder (Ben Phan), Freedom (Sky Schulz), Watermalone (Willem Nout), Juke Box, Quiet Man, Carlos, Mermaid, Happy Pants (Mieszko Dusautoy), Halfmile (Lon Cooper), Jolly Lama, Carrot Quinn (Carrot Quinn ), Not A Chance (Amanda Timeoni), Sheriff Woody (Matt Berger), Gear Slut (Eng-Shien Wu), Splat, Timberline, Whitewater (David Langford), Red Baron, Daniel, Salsa (Derek Salsa Barker), Liverpool, Lightened Up (Dave Bewley), 10-K (Thomas Bradford), Smokes (Mitchell Johnson), Easy-A (Adam Criswell), TeddyRose (Micaela Cypher), Sideways D (Robin Winnett) & Moonshine (Brian Winnett), NTA (Gary Schenk) & Snake Lady (Mary Jo Dungfelder), Rock Bottom, Mr. Green, Hot Cross Buns, Banana Boat, DayPack, Tidy Camper, Dirty Girl, On The Fence, 10-Speed, Charlie Day Hiker, Coppertone (Vic Hanson), String Bean (Joe McConaughy), Scott Williamson and many more whose trail names elude me.