Monthly Archives: June 2014

Name this peak

At about mile 1340 off to the left was this peak. It has been dominant in the distance for the last day. I wonder which one it is? Since I’m in Lassen National Park could it be Mt. Lassen?


At peace

Belden is 45 miles behind me and Old Station is 45 miles in front. Does it bother me that I’m in the middle of nowhere? Nope. It’s quiet. The breeze is whispering through the trees. The sun is slowly rising. I’m all alone, but for some strange reason I’m at peace.


A scenic view: View from my campsite

It was a long long climb out of Belden. It was 14 miles of climbing from 2000 to 7000 or about a mile up. I started at 6 AM after being dropped off at the trailhead by Brenda Braaten, a sweet trail angel, who hosted me and a half dozen other thru-hikers yesterday night. I finally got to the top at 1 PM. Wow! I continued on until mile 1310 where I’m camping. Here is a picture out my “front door”


A scenic view: Two lakes

Somewhere on the trail heading towards Sierra City. Today is my 65th birthday. I celebrated by completing my miles early at about 3 PM so I have about 9 miles tomorrow to get to Sierra City. I need to resupply there at the General Store. Oh, and I’m going to get some Coca-Colas there too – YUM!