Mail Drop List

This is my planned mail drop list for my PCT 2014 Thru-Hike. It is just a document and not a spreadsheet. It is based upon information gather primarily from Yogi’s book and some from the internet, e.g., fuel list. It has all my planned stops and is written for me and my family to make it easier for them to send me packages instead of having them select a mailing address from some page in Yogi’s book. I carried a single printed copy with me during the entire hike along with my paper HalfmileĀ maps, my permits, and a pen in a gallon ZipLoc bag. The margins of this print-out was typically my spare / scratch note paper too. For example, I would write my shopping list on the margins before I got to a town. As I passed each town I would cross it off. As I completed all the towns on one sheet then I would rip the sheet off and throw it away.

Planned Mail Drop List

After the hike I prepared this one-page document with my Mail vs Buy resupply locations. The document represent what I actually did for resupply and it also has updated mileages that were taken from Yogi’s bandana. For example, I never stopped in Mt. Laguna, or also I didn’t stop in Reds Meadow / Mammoth Lakes because I was pushing to get to my son in Tuolumne Meadows and I felt that I had sufficient food to continue on. Note: My son at one point during the hike told me that all my mileages were off in my planned mail drop list above so that is why they have been updated here. Accurate distances in miles between stops are very important, because they help you calculate the number of hiking days and therefore the amount of food you need to carry.

Actual Mail vs Buy List

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  1. Brian… amazing journey. I am waiting for the book! Hope your blisters are healing… Good choice for a summer to spend off the grid… the world news is hard to fathom. Love Betsey

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