Thanks to all who helped me

To my hiking buddies, Bilbo and Nobody’s Friend, who spent time with me as I hiked. Your companionship helped ease some of the lonely nights with shared talk and friendship. I appreciated the time together however short. Best wishes to you both and as always I wish you “safe journeys”.

To my chief and lieutenant resupply officers, Kathy, my wife, and Katie, my daughter, you were essential is my completing this epic journey. From sporadic telephone calls I would receive food resupplies, replacement gear, medicine, and all sorts of things that kept me going. You were my anchor and steadfast “base” as I hiked the trail

To my children, Justin, Matthew, and Katie, who shared miles and sights and obstacles galore with me. Who helped me stay focused and who I hope enjoyed some of this adventure in their own way. If any of their children or their children’s children stand anywhere on this 2660 mile Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail let them know that their ancestor at one time was on that same spot too and he hopes that they may find the courage, interest, and time to hike its length as he did.

To my family, friends, and acquaintances I enjoyed your blog comments. Although I only responded to a few of them, I read them all when cell / mobile phone reception allowed. Your interest helped keep me going.