Gear List

This is my gear list for my 2014 PCT Thru-Hike.

PCT Hike Gear

This is my extra gear that I’m leaving at home, but I might send for it when I’m on the trail. Each item is numbered to make it easier for someone to find and send the item to me without having to know exactly what it is. For example, I could request item #22 which represents “Yaktrax Walk ice traction device”.

PCT Hike Extra Gear

3 thoughts on “Gear List

  1. So far so good. I’m mostly cowboy camping so I’m in my sleeping bag every night. I’m a cold sleeper so there have been times I’ve slept with extra down on such as a vest and/or a coat. I even have down pants. The tent is fine, but 10 tent stakes is a bit tedious to set up especially when I compare it to other hikers and their free standind tents. My advantage over them is I’m lighter. BTW I did have a tent failure (rip) on Mt. San Jacinto because I let snow accumulate on the tent edges which stretched the Cuben so tight to rip an 8-inch hole in it, but it’s been repaired with the Cuben repair tape. Overall I’m happy with the equipment, but it’s been my only equipment so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.

  2. Thx much for the info!
    Considering “gearing up” with them on some stuff.
    Bummer about the rip…good to hear it fixes.
    Happy Trails.

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