Up and down I go

Maine has been very hard. The climbs and descents have been very steep and rocky. Yet there is beauty in this ruggedness.
The sunbeams caught my attention. I thought they looked eerily beautiful.
Sometimes there is a sign at the summit. This one required me to climb on sloped sheets of granite for hundreds of yards where you felt if you fell you’d slide down the mountain

4 thoughts on “Up and down I go

  1. Your pictures are amazing!
    Maine has such dense forests and it’s so green!
    You’re getting really close to finishing! That’s awesome.

  2. You are amazing, my love. As you said each day that you hike some miles gets you closer to the end and that’s better than no miles. Do take some zero days when you need them to refresh your spirits. You have so many people cheering you on. Your goal is in sight!❤️

  3. Another beautiful vicarious snippet of the trail. So engaging! Keep at it until you yell from the top of Katahdin!

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