Over Madison

I left the Hut early. Again the wind was gusting over 40 mph. There were times I just had to stand still. Facing the wind. Leaning into my poles which were on the rocks. This picture is messed up because the wind was jiggling the phone so badly.
The traverse was a multi mile rock/boulder field. Each step I had to watch where my poles and feet were placed. I followed cairns miles after miles. It took me hours. It was exhausting. In 5 hours I climbed and descended only 3 miles.
I needed a break. So once I got below tree level and out of the wind I called a local hostel in Gorham NH. Tomorrow I’ll be taking a zero day. I need a respite from the mountains to get my head straight. On the way down I hiked with Little Engine. I met her a day ago at Madison Hut. Her bright spirit helped me. She was going to the Rattle River Hostel and I asked if she would mind if I too went there.

At the hostel I took another foot picture. I’m about to lose toenails on my right foot on the two toes next to my big toe. That’ll be nails 4 and 5. And that’s with my new Oboz hiking shoes. Sheesh

2 thoughts on “Over Madison

  1. Tartan, I’m glad to here you took a zero, because you’ve been hitting it pretty hard in some subpar weather recently. The Whites and Western Maine are hard enough without battling the elements at the same time. But hang in there; as far as I’m concerned you’re still crushing it. You’ve got plenty of time to wrap it up, and the weather should get better, so dial it down a little and enjoy the rugged mountains coming up, hopefully with a few moose sightings along the way. Best, Bilbo

    PS Some day go back and walk the Franconia Ridge in good weather, many believe its the best dayhike in the East.
    PPS What gives with your new ZPacks tent letting your sleeping bag get wet! Shouldn’t be or maybe I misunderstood.

  2. Keep going Brian. The Northeast has big mountains but you have done the PCT. Maine will be beautiful!

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