1800 miles

I’ve not had much cell service in the White Mountains. These pictures are delayed as are most from the past two postings.

On 8/6 I passed the 1800 mile mark. The trail has gotten exceedingly more difficult. The mileage has dropped accordingly. Instead of 30 minutes a mile it is now taking me up to 60 minutes a mile
The next major mountains were South and North Kinsman. When you summit there are still trees nearby. However shortly I’ll be summiting above tree line. The trees provide protection especially from the wind
I resupplied in Lincoln NH. At the post office I got a new tent. It’s a Zpacks Duplex. The old tent was leaking in the rain. This tent is so much larger inside. I got to the Liberty Springs Tentsite which has platforms and was able to pitch it the first time on the ground. Pitching it was quite easy. Notice the rocks all around and you’ll know why they provide platforms.
The next peaks were Lincoln and Lafayette. The weather was foggy and rainy. I just summited and continued on because there was nothing to see. The weather for the next few days was like this. It makes it hard.
A small break in the clouds otherwise you wouldn’t know you were up so high.
I said that in the mountains my speed has slowed. This is why. The trail at times is just a jumble of rocks and boulders. I have to be very careful. Falling on them is painful. They are rough like gritty sandpaper. One day I fell three times. I’m getting bruised and cut up when I do. My knees and ankles are taking a beating.