Monthly Archives: June 2019

800 miles

I only post when I get cell service. It’s been sporadic at best.

Going into Glasgow VA and had to cross this pedestrian bridge and take a shuttle from the trailhead
Woohoo! Past 800 miles.
Can you tell I like bridges. Must be why I’m an engineer. This is a suspension one.
New fallen tree totally across the trail. Had to crawl through the branches.
Lots of hiking through the clouds with the recent rains
Has been raining for three days and is planned to rain for at least three more. Remember: “No pain, no rain, no Maine”

Ten by ten

A couple of days ago I finally did 10 miles by 10 o’clock AKA “Ten by ten”. Whether it was my prowess, the weather, the trail, I’ll take it!

Just outside of Daleville I came across this “sign”. Yup, I’ve complete 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail.
Early morning from up high. Almost all the time I’m in the “shaded green tunnel” so when I pop out and have a view I can’t help myself and have to take a picture.
I found this AT thru-hiker on the trail and could resist taking his picture. Now I can honestly say that I’m not the slowest hiker on the trail!
Wow, another view of valleys and thousands of green trees. Again I must have broken through the tunnel and got a glimpse of the bigger world around me
So I’m standing on the trail looking down and all I see is a sea of green leaves. Somehow that struck my fancy and so I took this picture of it. Why you ask? I have no idea.
At the top of today’s climb I expected to be in a forest or maybe even a meadow. I didn’t expect to see this “installation”
Hmmm, should I go under this? Sure, what the heck hundred or thousands of other hikers have chanced it. Would you? By the way, a hiker was climbing up as I took this picture to sit/stand on this precarious boulder