More Experience

Senior/Staff/Senior Associate/Associate/Junior Software Engineer at International Business Machines (IBM).

HIGHLIGHTS 1971-2013

Design and develop Java software for Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) as a project committer.

Design and develop Cell and PowerPC implementations of the Open Compute Language (OpenCL) Khronos standard.

Design and develop SDK software for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Roadrunner supercomputer which used the Cell processor.

Design and develop Grid computing orchestration prototypes for IBM Global Services.

Design and develop appication solutions for Financial (Project Eleanor) and Heathcare (HIPAA EDI).

Port the Java Development Kit (JDK) as the first Linux OS implementation.

Upgrade JavaOS from one Java major version to the next.

Market and support OpenDoc and Taligent.

Teach Object Oriented Technology and Java across the US for IBM Global Services.

Co-write “Developing Object-Oriented Software: An Experience-Based Approach” with members of the IBM OOTC.

Consult throughout IBM with other members of the IBM Object Oriented Technology Center (OOTC).

Design and develop Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for chip design.

Design and develop Geometric Design Processor (GDP) 3D CAD Solid Modeling system focusing on ray-tracing visualization.

Design and develop graphic API software for the IBM 3277 Graphics Attachment. Staff of IBM Fellow William F. Beausoleil.

Develop Scan-Ring Design Verification software for IBM 308X console.

Develop floppy disk writing software for IBM 370 Model 158 service processor.

Develop SEREP program software for IBM 370 Model 155 mainframe computer.